You can get a loan for the entire cost of your education abroad. It covers Tuition Fees, Living expenses, Ticketing, etc. Additionally you can also get a loan for buying a laptop.

There are two types of education loan : Secured loan (against property) and Unsecured loan (without property / against Income Tax Returns)

All countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Newzealnd, etc.

You get a Moratorium Period after which you have to start repaying the loans. The Moratorium Period means course duration + 6 months.

You do not need to worry about it as currency conversion from Indian Rupees to Dollars / Pound etc. is done by the bank itself which sanctions the education loan.

Student’s parents’ or relatives’ property & income can be considered.

Secured education loan is given against a property (house/shop/factory etc) while the unsecured loan is given against income tax returns.

No. Interest is only charged on the amount disbursed / withdrawn by the student and not on the entire sanctioned loan amount.